Here's Joe's story. He is just one of the people who give their time to the charity.

Until recently, Joe worked as a store retail security guard. Then, like many others, he was made redundant when the economic downturn took hold. Being unemployed and faced with an uncertain future impacted on Joe's health. Over time he began to lose confidence, became withdrawn, and isolated.

Joe knew he had to take positive action. With the help of a local learning disability charity, Joe was put in touch with us. We worked closely with Joe and the charity that referred him to get a better understanding of what he could bring to us, and what we could offer him. Joe started as a volunteer sorted last September.

Joe says Fareshare gives him a sense of responsibility and he enjoys showing new volunteers the ropes: 'It's good to work with other people, have some fun and contribute to helping people in the charities we deliver to. Fareshare has helped me to rebuild my confidence and I look forward to doing the work. You go home with a smile because ultimately you have helped other people.'

Joe is a key member of our team. His hard work and dedication don't go unnoticed. Without Joe and volunteers like him, our project would not be the success it is. That's why we can't thank him enough.